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Ketambe Adventure - The best way to protect orangutans is to continue to protect their habitat, so that orangutans can live happily in the forest and avoid conflict with humans. The real threats facing orangutans are forest conversion and forest fires. Of course these threats need to be watched out for and dealt with as soon as possible. Habitat protection absolutely must be done in order to prevent orangutans from extinction. Habitat loss is the biggest threat to orangutan extinction which must be anticipated. Efforts that can be made so that orangutans are preserved is to protect their habitat, because as we all know that orangutan breeding is indeed slow when compared to humans.

Orangutans are one of the protected animals in Indonesia. Apart from their rarity, there are several other reasons why orangutans must be protected. Orangutans are wild animals that must be protected because they provide many benefits to nature and humans.

The loss of orangutans can cause the loss of other species of flora and fauna in the forest. Yup, they are that important! So here are some reasons why they are important. Orangutans are arboreal animals that feed on leaves, fruit and other plant parts.

The cause of the most important threat to the orangutan population is deforestation and habitat destruction which occurs a lot due to forest conversion for oil palm plantations or for agricultural lands.

Sumatran orangutan rehabilitation includes three main behaviors, namely resting (47.32%), eating (37%), moving (14.75%), social (0.52%) and nesting (0.41%). Most of the behavior of rehabilitant orangutans does not show differences based on sex and reintroduction period.

Let's take care of forest people together by protecting nature so that it remains sustainable

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