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Ketambe Adventure - Alas River (Lawe Alas) is a river located in Aceh and is the longest river in Aceh Province. This river passes through the Gunung Leuser national park area to the Indian Ocean, this river is located along Southeast Aceh Regency. which is 32.5 kilometers from the center of Kutacane City.

The origin of the name Alas River comes from the name of the Indonesian tribe, namely the Alas Tribe. They call it "Lawe Alas". In Indonesian, "Air Alas". People outside the Alas Tribe region call it "Alas River" so that the official name is "Alas River".

The towering groves of trees in the Leuser ecosystem area are so beautiful. The green color seems so cool to the eye. Located under the foot of Mount Leuser (TNGL). This area is a habitat for various kinds of animals such as birds and orangutans. Ketambe, which is still beautiful and protected, has become a research center for animals, especially Sumatran orangutans.

White water rafting is one of the tourist sports. White water rafting adventures can be experienced on the Alas River, Southeast Aceh Regency.

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With the intensity of the strong and wavy currents, round rocks even pile up on the banks of the river. Lovers of water sports such as white water rafting cheered hysterically and with joy. The rubber boat was swayed by the strong current.

The Alas River not only offers extreme rapids, but tourists will also be presented with natural views on the left and right of the river in the form of unspoiled tropical forests. This is one of the factors that makes this river popular as a place for rafting in remote areas of the country.

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