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Ketambe Adventure - we are happy to welcome you to our website. We, Satudin and Gandi, are Tour Guides and Tourism Ambassadors for Southeast Aceh Regency who love Gunung Leuser National Park in Ketambe, North Sumatra.

Satudin Raised in Ketambe, gave him a lot of experience in and around this area. Since childhood, Satudin started working as an assistant for forest seekers. After several years of training he became a professional guide in 2007 and he started guiding his own group. He has a real passion for sharing the secrets of rainforest nature and wildlife with you.

Gandi is from Southeast Aceh and first did Trekking in Ketambe while still a scout member in January 2015. After entering the forest Gandi fell in love with the forest, nature, flora and fauna Gandi is also a Southeast Aceh Tourism Ambassador who he often promotes Aceh and now Gandi has decided to help Satudin promote ketambe tourism so that the forest is maintained and sustainable.


                            > TREKKING 4-5 DAY

                            > 8 SUMATERA DAY

We will guide you through the Ketambe forest to discover lots of exotic wild flora and fauna: Thomas leaf monkey, long-tailed macaque & pig, black & white gibbon and the famous orangutan. There are also rumbling giant trees, majestic lizards and snakes, colorful hornbills and birds, scary spiders, singing insects, and the largest flower on Earth, Rafflesia arnoldii. In addition, we can visit natural hot springs, enchanting waterfalls, and a mysterious lake in the middle of the forest.

As professional tour guides we offer different tours, according to your own preferences. Feel free to browse our website and see what we can offer you. With you, we want to make you feel heaven on earth hidden in ketambe!

All the best to you and we hope to see you soon in Ketambe, Satudin and Gandi.

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For booking information, you can contact 24-hour service at Do not hesitate to contact us :
Name: Gandi
Phone number: +62 813 7032 6036
Letter: info.ketambeadventure@gmail.com
Website: www.ketambeadventure.com

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