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LIHATSAJA.COM - Ketambe is the name of a district in Southeast Aceh district, Aceh. The area is directly adjacent to the Gunung Leuser National Park (TNGL), and is known as a mainstay natural tourist attraction in Southeast Aceh.

The forest is natural. Various animals live peacefully here such as birds, squirrels and orangutans hanging from the trees. The Alas River is also suitable for rafting.

Amorphophallus gigas is a carrion flower which is classified as a giant, this flower hump can reach 70 kilograms in weight, and can also reach 4 meters in height. Amorphophallus gigas is the highest compound interest in the world.
Gigas itself is one of the original plants on the island of Sumatra.

This flower is a very rare flower, but this flower is less famous than Amorphophallus gigas. This is one of the corpse flowers which is classified as a giant compared to other types of corpse flowers. This flower weevil can reach a weight of 70 kilograms, the height can also reach 4 meters. This flower is one of the tallest flowers in the world.

However, this carrion flower is still less famous than its sibling, Amorphophallus Titanum. Even wikipedia hasn't loaded this corpse flower yet. This flower must be preserved, people who do not know this flower are rare to cut down this flower that lives wild in the forests of Sumatra.

Let's take care of nature so that Amorphophallus Gigas flowers remain sustainable.

We will guide you through the Ketambe forest discovering lots of exotic wild flora and fauna: Thomas leaf monkey, long-tailed macaques & pigs, black & white gibbons and the famous orangutan. thunderous giant trees, majestic lizards and snakes, hornbills and colorful birds, spiders, and the largest flower on Earth, Rafflesia arnoldii. natural hot springs, mysterious lake waterfalls in the middle of the forest.

Ketambe adventure provides trekking, rafting, hiking, individual, couples and group tour packages. You can choose a period of time, be it 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, or even 2 months with a wide selection of tourist attractions.

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