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LIHATSAJA.COM - Ketambe Adventure - Rafflesia or Puspa Nusa is a genus of flowering plants where all of its species live as parasites. The plant anatomy of Rafflesia is incomplete. The organs of the Rafflesia are only in the form of flowers that bloom or only buds. Rafflesia does not have leaves, stems and roots.

Color Rafflesia arnoldii has one flower consisting of five large, thick and leathery petals which are orange or bright red and speckled with white. When the flowers bloom, they can reach 70 to 110 cm in diameter and reach 50 cm in height.

Its function Rafflesia arnoldii flower buds are often used in traditional medicine to help with childbirth and recovery during the process. This plant is also known as a passion generator.

The inventor of Rafflesia arnoldii R. Br was first discovered in 1818 in the forests of Sumatra by a guide who worked for Dr. Joseph Arnold who was following the Thomas Stanford Raffles expedition. so that this plant is named according to the history of its discovery, namely the merger between Raffles and Arnold.

Growing Rafflesia arnoldii was discovered in 1818 by Dr. Joseph Arnold and Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, in the tropical forest of Sumatra.

We will guide you through the Ketambe forest discovering lots of exotic wild flora and fauna: Thomas leaf monkey, long-tailed macaques & pigs, black & white gibbons and the famous orangutan. thunderous giant trees, majestic lizards and snakes, hornbills and colorful birds, spiders, and the largest flower on Earth, Rafflesia arnoldii. natural hot springs, mysterious lake waterfalls in the middle of the forest.

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